SGA Pro-Bono Legal Clinic Guidelines

  • Only current CMU students may schedule and/or receive an appointment.
  • The legal clinic attorney will only advise one legal issue per appointment.
  • All legal clinic operations, documentation, and the personal information of those involved, shall remain strictly confidential.
  • If a student is granted an appointment with the legal clinic and fails either to attend the scheduled appointment or to notify the legal clinic staff of a cancellation within 24 hours, that student shall thus forfeit any future eligibility to utilize the legal clinic and its services.
  • The legal clinic’s volunteer attorneys reserve the right to decline an appointment with a student seeking advice on a federal legal issue (e.g. immigration law, environmental law, federal drug laws).
  • The legal clinic will not schedule an appointment for a student seeking advice on a legal issue for which the answer is already available in a current legal publication, but will ensure that such publications are available to students.
  • The legal clinic will take appointments on first-come, first-serve basis. The legal clinic reserves the right to schedule an appointment with a CMU student who has an imminent and time sensitive issue.
  • The legal clinic is solely for advice and not for legal representation.

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